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Kitty City Adoption Center at Pet World Rt. 9 Natick
(opposite Natick Mall)

1262 Worcester St Natick, Massachusetts 01760

Adoption hours:
Tuesday-Sunday 12pm-4pm
Kitty City Adoption Center At Pet World
by Mary Lou Bonfiglio

Kitty City is located inside of Pet World on Route 9 in Natick, MA. What a perfect place for the SPIN resident cats and kittens to hang out while awaiting adoption. If you haven’t come by to see for yourself, please do! You will be pleasantly surprised to discover our sunny, spacious “city”. There are plenty of shelves for our feline friends to climb up and stretch out on. There is also a cat tunnel if they want to access other rooms in the center. Our SPIN cats at Kitty City never get bored as there is always something or someone for them to watch. Their kennels are right in the middle of busy aisles with cat-friendly Pet World patrons passing by. Huge windows let in natural sunlight and soft hammocks provide comfy nap times. If you are interested in helping with direct care at Kitty City, please let us know. We need you! Volunteering here is so rewarding. The SPIN cats and kittens deserve a clean, safe, loving environment while they keep their eyes on the prize…a forever family to take them home.

Pictures and descriptions of some of our pets available for adoption can be found on our SPIN Shelter Page on

Visit the pets seeking homes and then come back to complete the Adoption Form so we can help match your family with a suitable pet.


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